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Organising and cleaning February 17, 2010

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Hi all,

have you ever just stopped and looked around your home and thought i can’t go on like this anymore?

Well that was sort of like me this evening, let me go back in time a bit:

i am ill with a chest infection (but im not using that excuse for my messy unorganised house and life in general), i had a nap on the bed for an hour whilst the kids watched t.v. now i had remembered earlier that my husband wanted me to sort him a new cd out, sort of make up his own compilation for him so he could use it in his boxing class. well i hadn’t done it and there i was rushing at 5.50pm to do the cd with him sitting on the ned next to me getting more frustrated by the minute. he had to leave by 6.15pm and in his time he also had to get himself ready before he leaves. i managed to finish the cd at 6.18pm and my poor husband didn’t even have time to get a bath before he went. his clean workout clothes were in the ever-growing clean washing pile in the spare room which he had to go rumaging through himself. now i am not saying there is anything wrong with him having to sort his own clothes out the fact is i think they should have been folded neatly in the wardrobe.

i felt embarrassed at the state and unorganised house in front of my husband, people may not agree with me but it was my responsibility not his, and as a christian wife i wasnt doing to well in the homemaking department. i rushed him out the door because i didn’t want him to look at me, silly i know but i just felt like such a failure.

Then my mind started to wander and i started to feel dissapointed with my body. i am a uk size 18 and i weigh 14stone 8lbs and this is the biggest i have ever been but ill talk more about that in another pos.

s anyway, once i got my husband ou the door and off to the class he was going to teach i vowed to get moving, i cant go on like this anymore and things have to be done, it feels like i am losing control over everything and its scary, i know i am not feeling too good with depression and it has taken alot out of me but i just want to feel better and be the best wife/homemaker/mom/individual woman that i can be. so ita off to clean before he arrives home in 1hrs, downstairs is done now for the upstairs!

Heavenly Father, Lord i just pray you give me the strength and ability to turn my life around, ive tried doing it on my own and i cant, nothing is possible without you my Lord

In your mighty name






half term day 3

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Well its half term this week and the kids are off school, they have been playing in the garden for a while but now the rain has kicked in today. Also I have a lovely chest infection and decided to sleep on the sofa so as not to wake up my dear husband and two boys.
So what can you do with the children when they are on half term holidays?
Here’s a few simple ideas:-

1. Make playdough and have fun with them.

2. Weather permitting, go on a nature walk, get them to take a piece of paper and a pen and to draw which insects/animals they see, also take a carrier bag abd let them collect unusual shapped and coloured leaves to use for scrap booking latter.

3. Simply just run around in the garden with them, play an activity that they enjoy.

4. Hav a baking day with them, let them do the mixing and licking or the bowl. On monday we made chocolate cup cakes, once they were cool we melted chocolate over them and let them set, mmm yummy.

5. Go to your local library, they may also have story time events there.

What ideas do you have for the children over the half term holidays, do share



valentines day February 14, 2010

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Valentines day, it can be happy for some women and sad for others. What were your expectations this valentines day?
The first few years I was with my husband we used to make a big thing about valentines day, but for the past year or so it has dwindled out and this is something I think I am going to have to change.
I know men aren’t mind readers, that’s a common fact, as the saying goes men are from venus and women are from mars (or was it the other way round?)But sometimes they aren’t very good at picking hints up either. For instance, when we were in tesco the other day doing our weekly food shop I repeated a comment several times that ‘oh look, tesco are doing lovely boxes of chocolates for a fiver, unfortunetly for me he didn’t get the hint and he’s not a mind reader. But I think its also my fault that valentines day celebrations have dwindled in my house, over the years I have always expected him to do the gift buying, I mean seriously what do you buy the man you love for valentines day apart from a card? Please if you have any ideas be sure to tell me so I can be prepared for next year.
So next year, valentines day is going to be different in our house. I am going to be the one who starts it back up again,I mean just because we aren’t dating anymore doesn’t mean we can’t have romance, so, next year I vow that I am going to get all dressed up and take my hubby out for a nice meal and a bottle of wine to share. I mean this is the man that I love so much, my one and only soul mate!

So, why don’t you share with me how lovely your valentines day was



Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!